New Year

In the area of the linguistic family K" icheana, apparently the New Year is carried out in one of the days that the Shipper of the Year or Bacab marks as he were known formerly; that it is not movable celebration then it agrees with the same date of the Gregorian calendar in every year. It is different from another celebration between quichs known like the Wajxaqib" B" atz" , Eight monkeys that also the thread connotation has, symbol of continuity in the past, according to Buzel good day, the day of the perpetuation of the ceremonies and customs of our ancestors. Therefore, in the eight day B" atz" thanks for anyone of the ceremonies occur that the Mayan town owns, especially those of the calendar. Like other elements of the Mayan and Guatemalan identity generally, it is important to know our past in the time; our history and the roots of our origin. First that is due to do in intercultural areas as Guatemala is to promote the mutual respect between the same cultures. Only knowing and valuing those aspects of cultural like the conception of the time, we can consolidate our identity and construct our future towards a development in the different scopes of our lives. Anywhere of the world, the human species is one, is unique between the other species, which us makes different is the culture that we practiced and it makes us feel us shared in common and pertaining to a community. For this reason, we wished all the Guatemalans Mayan Happy New Year! Original author and source of the article.