New Marketing Partner

ADBurner LTD is new marketers of goolive Germany GmbH with the community “goolive” regionally in Lower Saxony the burgdorfer startup ADBurner now has another community network under contract. Robert Pomes, Managing Director of goolive GmbH of Germany, is continuing its restructuring course, which he started with his appointment as Managing Director. “Especially I look forward, maintain goolive of marketers not only as pure, but to support business development by goolive conceptual with my team to develop new exciting strategies for sales and to implement”, so Thorsten Koneke, Managing Director of ADBurner. “With 160,000 registered users, providing about 500 million ads monthly, can be exciting social media strategies and integrated campaigns on the platform. As a former employee of goolive GmbH of Germany, I know very well the platform and their users and know exactly where it must be what lever.” Thus the ADBurner LTD builds your reach to 900 million Ad impressions per month and over 330,000 registered users out. This poses some 135.00 unique users per day.