New Market Study

Currently the Brazilian financial sector has proved stable market figures and analysis around the growth market of Brazil while the financial markets around the world collapsed, above average. The reasons for this are seen especially in a high equity ratio of banks and stricter banking regulation. Support the upswing in Brazil is the stable market. In particular the consumer behavior is particularly pronounced in Brazil due to a significant pent-up demand of the population. Planned investments will assume more economic stimulus, aimed mainly at improving the infrastructure.

So, a high speed connection for trains between Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo will be among other things soon. Significant investments are also incurred in connection with the football World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016 in Brazil. Stadiums and hotels are newly constructed or renovated, airport extensions are planned, and also in the areas of logistics and security is in the course of these two Major events are invested. Will not only the image and improves the reputation of Brazil through the sports events as it arise at the same time great opportunities, further increasing economic performance and to improve the economic framework conditions. Here various opportunities for German companies to benefit from these developments. \”For this reason the study is the furniture market in Brazil\” in February 2010 as part of the new series-exporting countries \”appeared at the management consultancy TITZE GmbH.

The study describes all essential details of the Brazilian market on 260 pages with 79 colored tables, graphs and maps. In detail, the fundamentals for economic strength, political situation, construction industry, infrastructure are illuminated in the study to the Brazilian population development. In addition, legal issues, taxes and real estate issues are examined. 2008, there were 14,400 furniture producers in Brazil.