Muscle Stimulation

" However, using the same apparatus, using a similar program myostimulation to add muscle tone, people get very different results or not get them at all. The problem of hardware correction first and foremost depends on the physical fitness of man. Suppose that the zone-miostimulyatory uses people have never been involved in sports, the muscles which long ago lost their physical strength and appeal, if any, previously taken place. It is likely that in a month or two regular sessions of passive, he will tone the abdominal muscles. If myostimulation employs people who leads an active life and dreams of what a miracle belt do all the hard work for him, the results likely will not be because the muscles previously treated with the present workload with the use of physical exercises will not be enough of those weak electrical pulses to achieve any significant changes. But do not be fooled by advertising. Usually, miostimulyatory advertise sports smartly people are not using the electrodes have a beautiful figure.

But who knows, maybe using this thing you'll have to change yourself for the better. Before you decide to purchase miostimulyatory read carefully instructions for its use. After all, this miracle toy has a mass of contraindications, which indicate the manufacturers themselves. People such as Phillipe Lavertu would likely agree. Muscle Stimulation should not be used: Pregnant women, people who implanted a pacemaker. Suffering from heart disease, especially in the stage of decompensation. Thrombophlebitis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract in acute, kidney stones and gallstones. Severe mental disorders, alcoholism and drug addiction, cancer, and circulatory disorders, serious second-stage renal and liver failure, active tuberculosis of the lungs and kidneys, acute purulent inflammatory process, if you are sick with influenza or other viral disease, if there is hypersensitivity to the pulse current. Electrodes should not be placed: on the parts of the body opposite the broken bones since the pressure muscle during its reduction may adversely impact on the process of matching bone; on inflamed skin, areas with open wounds, cuts, plots on which was recently held surgery, if from the time the operation took less than 9 months. With any chronic disease before using miostimulyatory should consult your doctor.