Managing Director

Because the customer has the ride of his dreams can find previously as ultra-comfortable and at the guaranteed best price from a bulging catalogue and order. By phone, by letter, fax or E-Mail. Just so? Just so. Why should it be also generally more complicated to come than on a freshly made pizza at an extremely affordable, new car? “, the question is (meant rhetorically), which is Uwe Springer in the room while he presents the latest catalog in his capacity as Managing Director of ecoAgent. There are many good and individual reasons that speak for it to buy a car directly from the catalog, and then deliver it themselves.” Advantage no. 1: selection of all brands one of the weighty arguments for this advanced type of car sales may be the fact that ecoAgent has all brand cars in the range, somewhere in this world by the band – roll except outspoken luxury cars or rare PS-exotics. Whether Volkswagen, Opel, Ford, Mercedes, Porsche, Fiat, Citroen, Peugeot, Skoda,. Volvo, Rover, mini, Alfa Romeo, Toyota, Chrysler, Land Rover, Kia (just a few to name a few); whether compact class, sedan, sports car, or retail.

If diesel, gasoline or hybrid engine creates up everything… ecoAgent, has what four tyred wheels. An immense offer that the normal dealer around the corner can never offer because is on one, two, in the best case bound three car brands. Advantage no. 2: is s – best prices from catalog and this virtually unique, demand-car variety to get to the next point – impressive best prices. Our discounts can”, as Uwe Springer pointed out, up to 30 percent below the list price and sometimes even even much more spectacular fall out.” EcoAgent can leave even Nobel brands, whose dealer discount usually fear the word like a back patient the pothole, the lovers of fiery centimes, blue-and white round diamonds and an imposing grille star with noticeable discounts.