More than one missing kitchen, life lacks. Credit: Andi Owen-2011. Many of us are good eating, enjoy with a good pasta dish, or a good steak on the grill, or simply some seafood. Do not have to be elaborate dishes, but agree that some of them are true delicacies. All this would not be possible if there were no such room we have at home, the kitchen, but everything has a source, and the origin of the kitchen is as follows: the kitchen, as a distinct space, appeared in the 5th century BC, while retaining a distinctly religious: own home where all meals were cooked was also used as a place of worship to the gods lares. Roman kitchens were very well equipped, with laundry, oven pan, cistern, bronze tripods, cavities for chopping spices. Already in the middle ages, castles kitchens became an important place, daily activity was constant.

They were huge interiors with gigantic chimneys. They were divided into numerous annexes (bakery, greengrocer). By contrast in the bourgeois houses and farms the kitchen used to be a common cockpit for the reception of people for both the realization of food and its subsequent consumption. In the Renaissance is perfect, both equipment and decoration. The noble European kitchens are beginning to be very luxurious, led primarily by the culinary revolution that occurred. At that time, the games of love began in the kitchen. Arriving at the 19th century technical advances, as they were kitchen and especially the oven battery, transformed kitchens in which the great chefs baptized as a laboratory. In bourgeois houses was a completely separate from the rest of the House space and even had a service door.

It was located in the basement or at the end of long corridors. Used utensils began to be very abundant: scales, colanders, services covered, batteries, pans, jars of spices, etc. He was considered the land of the housewife. Today, because of advances in lighting, decor concepts and the emergence of refrigeration appliances, is has been integrated kitchen in the rest of the House. In the 21st century, the girls already have their own games kitchen, fully equipped and that would cause the envy of many mothers. Latest news from the latest castles of the Loire. The Renaissance in the garden of France. Travel and destinations of San Martin Renaissance Inforegion Agency press environmental Food Trend Trotters flavours of the East: the path of the spices in March the Renaissance of the Avenger toxic ANTESMUERTOQUESERUNZOMBI.ES Taste of family Blog Archive Slow Food: III. Marta report or how to prepare a cake of chestnuts on a train