Just In Time For Christmas: Map Portal Cardalo.de With New Motifs

Innovative cards Portal surprised for Christmas with Christian motifs for the Christmas 2008 extends the Internet map Portal cardalo.de its design gallery. Christian motifs of the life-is-more – Association for the promotion of Christian culture”invite to send impressive landscape motifs in connection with biblical verses on the Internet. More cards with classic Christmas motifs are also new to cardalo.de. In addition to the usual postcards, greetings at the turn of the year can be send also stylish as panoramic or greeting card. With cardalo.de real post and greeting cards can be sent easily over the Internet. Your own digital photos or motifs from the free image pool of cardalo.de form the basis for every Kartengruss. These can be freely designed, with texts and even personalized.

Folded cards for all pages to provide focus, are a highlight of cardalo.de. Thanks to the built-in import function for address lists is cardalo.de in addition to sending individual Cards also suited for shipping large volumes of cards. At the same time, the cardalo.de cards are high quality and reasonably priced. Printed post cards quality and equipped with a genuine stamp the cards from cardalo.de join the path to the mailbox of the recipient already a few hours after the figures. Link to the motifs: home/0/life-is-more company portrait: the w3work Gesellschaft fur Kommunikation und Medien is established for more than ten years as a provider of services in dialog marketing. With the shipping solution mailingwork the Agency has developed a successful tool for the realization of email marketing campaigns.

Customers such as Nikon, TuV Sud, Cologne trade fair use mailingwork on the powerful platform. cardalo.de complements the activity of w3work in the email marketing to an offline media. Also in this area, w3work starts again on a Web-based software that supports from any PC with Internet access from the comfortable control of releases and campaigns. In addition to prospective customers for cross-media marketing would like to the Agency with cardalo.