Jobs are Abundant in Dubai

Dubai in United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s fastest growing employment hotspots. Up to 20 new companies established in free trade zones in the emirate every week and since 2002 some 650 companies have registered in the zone of Dubai Media City free trade alone. In particular in the fields of tourism, information technology, media and finance there are job opportunities for qualified and if you are interested in working in Dubai here a guide for use in the most exciting, tax free, of fastest growing multi cultural location worldwide.

Yes, you heard me right, Dubai is tax free? if you live and work in the emirate your income will be paid to you gross and furthermore, if you buy a house to live in you will not be subject to property taxes because direct personal taxation is against the law in Dubai! The emirate currently has 15 free trade zones and 7 more are in the planning stages. The free trade zones where foreign companies can establish themselves and grow without the restriction of corporate taxation, for example, and without being subject to a majority local structure. As a direct result of incentives provided to companies abroad, taking in the free trade zones has been incredible and employment opportunities for foreign personnel are being created within them on a weekly basis. Reshma Kewalramani gathered all the information. To work in Dubai you need a work permit and a residence visa and the majority of employers arrange these for their expatriate work force when they designate. .