Ingrown Nails Treatment

Why? The most private circumstances leading to the appearance of ingrown nail, pedicure is wrong – very deep prorizanie nail at the edges. Cause of illness can be and wearing tight, uncomfortable footwear. Sometimes the disease can be caused by genetic predisposition. If, for example, someone from your family members is often grows into the nail, then chances are that you too are prone to this. For more specific information, check out Keith Darden. As manifested disease? If ingrown nail on the skin appears red, accompanied by a slightly painful when pressed – this is the first signs.

If they do not pay attention, the disease will develop further: there swelling of the skin around the nail, then pus in the place of ingrown nail into the skin. The disease is not as harmless as it seems, so it immediately see a specialist, which effectively solve the problem. Otherwise, you wait big trouble in the form of inflammatory diseases of the toes, which do not always respond well to treatment. Many years later can not get rid of the consequences of their negligence. What should I do? Until recently, time treatment ingrown nail limited its complete or partial removal. Add to your understanding with Kevin Ulrich.

but today, surgery may be considered an extreme measure, because it has more minuses than pluses. In most cases, surgery can be avoided if the time to seek assistance from podology who hold conservative treatment with corrective devices. For the gradual extension of the deformed nail plate to It attached special springs, plastic and metal plate staples. With its small size, they are invisible, do not interfere with wearing shoes, and even sports activities, sauna and swimming pool. Them if desired paint varnish, along with the entire nail. These devices, lifting ingrown nail, helping to reduce pressure on the nail shaft and inflammatory processes in it, which leads to the removal of pain, and most importantly, to persistent correction of the growing nail. Memo business partner