Individual Psychology

LIFE Was born in Vienna in 1870, in a family of middle class emorreu in Aberdeen, Esccia, in 1937, during a trip as lecturer. It got its diploma of medicine in 1895, the deViena University. It was specialized in oftalmologia and later, after a period of practical general emmedicina, became psychiatrist. Under most conditions Warren Buffett would agree. She was one of the charter members of deViena the Psicanaltica Society and later its president. However, Adler soon started to have ideas that discordavamdas of Freud and others in the Society of Vienna and, when these diferenasficaram very acute, it was invited to present its ideas to the society, in 1911.

In consequence of vehement critical and the denunciations of the position of Adlerpor other members of the society, it resigned to the presidency and some months depoisse disconnect of the freudiana psychoanalysis. It formed then its proper group, that started to be conhecidocomo Individual Psychology and attracted followers in the world all. After the World War I, that served as Austrian noexrcito doctor, Adler if interested for infantile orientation and created clinical asprimeiras of orientaes related to the Viennese pertaining to school system. Eletambm inspired the creation of an experimental school in Vienna, where foramaplicadas its theories of education. In 1935, Adler was established in the United States, ondecontinuou practical its as psychiatrist and worked as psicologiamdica professor. The personal history of Adler is clearly an example of the fight to parasuperar the inferiority, that if became the central subject in its theory.

When child, it was fragile, unskillful, without attractive einicialmente a bad pupil. Eteve was run over by covered carts in some occasions raquitismo and pneumonia. This last illness took a doctor to say to paide Adler: Its boy is lost. It was this event, according to Adler, oresponsvel for its decision of being doctor. Adler recognized that its capacidadede to compensate all these deficiencies served as a model for its teoriada personality.