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Individual and appropriately tailored services hotels benefit from the individual cleaning concepts of professional cleaning of the hotel. The cleaning concepts are individually tailored to the needs of a hotel, what several advantages. In terms of cleanliness, a hotel can so permanently secure its quality, and that regardless of personnel gaps or seasonal peak periods with a high volume of guest. The trend in the hotel industry is a mix of external cleaning of the hotel and hotel maid. About 20 years ago, hotels began to pass the housekeeping and hotel cleaning to external service providers. With the decision against an external cleaning of the hotel and for internal staff to the housekeeping hotels but take a risk, as well as know the participants of the housekeeping Convention in Berlin.

The biggest problem in high season which occurs when the entire staff with important core businesses for the hotel is busy. Therefore, a combination of internal staff and external Hotel cleaning now established itself to the Housekeeping. Internal and external cleaning of the hotel benefits for the hotel industry want to internal staff to the housekeeping hotels, and several reasons. One of the most important is that the owners want to have influence on the services. But this can be achieved with the appointment of an external professional cleaning of hotel such as the Kruger & Krueger, because individual and tailored to the needs of the services it offers its customers. Even if a hotel operating seasonally in a personnel shortage, the engagement of an external Hotel cleaning is a valuable support, for it provides the head of a hotel business planning security, although spontaneously emerges overhead in terms of hotel cleaning. The hotel cleaning is an important partner on the side of a hotel operation permanently. Also suddenly any personnel gaps can cover themselves.

Hotel businesses will also benefit from the individual concepts of cleaning Hotel cleaning. The cleaning concepts are adapted to the needs of a hotel. This provides the Advantage that in terms of cleanliness a hotel can permanently secure its quality. Regardless of personnel gaps or seasonal peak periods with a high volume of guest. Hotel cleaning by Kruger & Kruger Kruger & Kruger facility services GmbH, which provides information on about their cleaning services for hotels is a provider of hotel cleaning at more than 25 nationwide locations. The professional cleaning of the hotel is adapted to the claims of the hotels the Kruger & Kruger and the cleaning services run on time and reliably by trained personnel. According to the certified quality standard DIN EN ISO 9001 provides the hotel cleaning to more sustainable services such as glass and carpet cleaning and kitchen services for hotels. Contact: Chip & chip facility services GmbH Managing Director: Sven Kruger Tratzigerstrasse 21 22043 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 0 fax: + 49 (0) 40 / 413 66 199 9 Web: E-Mail: