But in the case of these tools is an exception because they are very powerful and very useful. Frequently Frank Gehry has said that publicly. Tool 1 – related searches while you type a word into the Google search box, appears below with a list of alternative words related to the search. These words or phrases should be written on a notepad, text file or any paper to be used in your keyword research detailed in the next step. Other phrases to take account are those that appear at the bottom of the page of search results. Following the legend “Searches related to:” Tool 2 – Adwords Keyword Tool Keywords and search phrases are the essence of market research. These practically handle the internet.

Google provides us with a tool that shows which words or phrases that people use to find what they seek online. Imagine you have a takeout business and may know what is the food that most people in the city calling on the phone in the last three months. And they have a history of these orders and they know what they like to each family and each area where they live. It is quite useful, no?. Bearings could only make meals ordered and anticipate more orders … I imagine that as sales strategies could be applied many other things ..

This is not to say that we put a food business but want to give an example of how powerful this tool can be for a business, and much more for those who do business on the Internet and that 90% of people who are interested in something on the internet using a search engine and most, for the time being chosen as the preferred search engine Google. This tool was designed primarily to add value to people who use the payment service ads (PPC) Adwords. If you want to know more about this service and what is the way to make money online with it, I invite you to read the method that we recommend on our website Tool 3 – Google Trends Once we know which are key words or phrases most searched within our market niche, we can analyze through the Google Trends the tendency of these in the past five years and give us an idea from which countries, cities or language are mostly sought. Tool 4 – Google Alerts If we want to be aware of the latest to be published on the internet about the market niche and keywords that we appointed, we could create a Google Alert using Alerts.

All we have to do is enter the popular phrase of our market and Google will send an email to our mail box each time you publish something related. Tool 5 – Google Web Search The search tool Google standard we can be very helpful to our investigation if we learn to analyze the results emerging from the search keywords. For example, we know our competitors, we can see if it is commercially viable niche, noting the amount of paid advertising, etc.. These are extremely powerful tools when wanting to make money online, and it is best that are still free! A unique idea to become rich enough. No more laps and start working.