Good Upside Potential

SAP AG WKN 716460 software giant with good upside potential of the analysts of the tradersreport would build a first speculative long position in the shares of SAP AG with the WKN 716460 up 27.00 Max. The company have been impressed in the past few weeks some of the global Borsenturbulenten. The courses remain at the level of the course between 25,00-30,00. The fears that the new software generation of the Walldorf group not well by the market could be included are basic. There were some delays and only moderate demand in advance for the new software solution.

We see good growth opportunities in the future but just in the very good market position of the technology group and the very thin cost structure within the company. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Russell Reynolds Associates. Despite its size, the group is very agile and maneuverable. The market share of about 35% in the enterprise software field allows for good growth opportunities in the coming months and years. The cost-cutting measures in recent quarters the gross margin could be greatly increased. Should now In addition the demand, stabilize again for enterprise software, or even again the SAP can be disproportionately benefit tighten. We see rated the shares of SAP AG in classes of 31.00 as fair. Of course, SAP AG has arrived at a very interesting point of Scheid.

In the short term went into the stock price in a wedge formation. These should be broken upwards can occur very quickly to sharp gains. A breach would lead down to manageable losses only. The medium-term uptrend runs short in this area, and would provide stop the course of SAP AG. Generally, the course is trapped for some time in a very shallow uptrend channel. This trend channel offers a potential price target stock price of SAP AG at the current time to 30.00. Down, he supported share price in the region of course to 25.00 this uptrend channel.