General Golbery

For these Brazilians the president gains the dimension of totem, of a protector, in the direction that it creates a new law and until a moral and that he leaves its mouth, pointing who is the culprits, that is, ' ' they, elite' '. ' ' Squid, as TABOO, gains the prohibition of being touched, and in such a way it is placed above of any law and excessively mortais' ' During the period of the military government of 1964, Squid appears with the primary rhetoric to raise the flag of the left suffocated per the mornings of General Golbery of the Couto and Silva the medium brown eminence of the authoritarian regimen installed in 1964. Around Squid, to support had been congregated it all or almost all the factions of the time, of the fight armed to the esquerdismo Gramsciano, having as main it has supported the marxist intellectuals of the USP? the bilionria University of So Paulo? all the estatizantes and coletivistas, and with more persistence, the church apostate of the theology of the release, revolutionary and antichristian nature, integrated for fanatic people of the type Leonardo Boff and Frei Betto. Since then, propped up in the protection of the media, the Myth Squid grew in force and substantiates, arriving at the power, after all in 2002. But what he takes a common man, former laborer, bitipo cut (bearded, without finger) for of knees almost all a nation, and if to transform into a TOTEM for great part of the Brazilians? Freud in its text on the psychology of the masses recognizes: ' ' mentality of multido' ' , a hipotesiada mentality. It has a dynamic interpretation of the description of the mind of the mass. Freud does not disdain the masses, before questions what it transforms the masses into masses. It searchs to discover which psychological forces results in the transformation of individuals in mass.