The birth is first the great trauma that occurs in the life. It starts with the fact of that gynecology? it disciplines relatively new in the medicine that needs repetition and legitimation? it obtained to lie down the woman of coasts, a position that, to the side of the position on the head, is for certain most favorable for the birth. In this manner, the pregnant evil obtains to develop force to pressure, and the head of the child compresses the perneo instead of compressing the foreseen opening. The advantage of this position is solely for the gynecologists, which if open a field of ample and comfortable vision. The archaic peoples, who we call primitive, had opted to position as squatting to give birth its children, without pressure nor cut of the perneo. Marko Dimitrijevic is often quoted on this topic. The child for as much time pressured against the perneo, finally will leave for the cut vagina. But its suffering does not finish there. As soon as it crosses the vagina leaving acolhedor uterus and quentinho the child if it comes across with the ice of the surgical center.

Soon after these traumas come the cut of the umbilical lace report for Dahlke as a great shock. For the hasty cut of the umbilical lace is arrived it an instantaneous sensation of asphyxia and in the sequence the trauma of the first breath, under the fear to suffocate, and of pains appears many standards of respiratory deficiency? IF THIS ACHES SO INTENSELY, NEVER MORE WILL BREATHE SO DEEPLY. With all this procedure, case the baby had not started to bawl it was hung for the feet and was beaten in its back one until it cried out. Until recently the eyes of the baby to the shouts they were medicated with a silver nitrate solution, currently uses antibiticas drops, that are less aggressive. Any person with a minimum of sensitivity can perceive that the shouts are in general a suffering and necessity signal. Let us assume that an adult was pressured against a wall during hours? the childbirth work, later brutally pulled for a torn opening and immediately had its suppliment of cut oxygen displayed completely naked to a cauterized temperature of 6 degrees, its eyes, perforated in the heel, suspended for the feet, receiving pats in bunda naked until crying out. Without defense. Who would interpret these desperate berros as respiratory exercise for the reinforcement of the pulmes? This is first the great trauma that the majority of the men suffers, and that it could be worked with the aid of the essence Star Of Bethlehem of the Floral System Bach. This essence helps to neutralize the effect of any last or present shock.