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In our time as a student at the European Institute of Pan, a taught us to be Panaderoa Orgullo , and the immense responsibility of transforming wheat cereal grain a “digestible food and consumable most important of humanity -: Antigua El Pan ground wheat bread was turned into a food like cookies today, was flat, hard and crunchy, which Serbs as a cover, as evidenced in the original cultures of the Middle East. Humans wheat consumed since ancient times, but it was done 4,500 years ago when the Egyptians developed sponge-like bread that we eat today. The process in which the bread dough to be baked grows, it is soft and spongy, was discovered by chance when an Egyptian baker bake some bread dough was prepared and forgotten for several days and the time elapsed was fermented yeast and bacteria present in the environment, causing the growth of the mass and spongy texture of bread baking. The Greeks kilns developed stones, the Romans developed the process of milling wheat, kneading thus could produce a whiter bread, soft and better quality. The modern era of industrialization brought the roller mill allowed to separate the germ and wheat bran automatically.

The new flour could be stored for longer without being put stale. Also developed ovens heated by oil or gas and machines were invented intensive kneading. The breads and pastries (cakes, little bits, etc..) Are considered basic and common food, but its production is one of the most difficult and complex skills, within the universe of culinary professions. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Beyonce by clicking through. Not coincidentally, the production of quality bread is recognized as an art. In Europe the tradition of the bakeries, is very serious, that pass from generation to generation.

a The process of developing a world-class bread involves: preparation and weighing ingredients, kneading, initial fermentation, dough handling, dividing pasture preformed fermentation table formed, maturation or fermentation end, cut, baked and finally cooling. Most of the problems that generate a low-quality bread, originates in the poor execution of procedures. A world-class bread requires careful execution in each of its phases.