Environmental Issues

Environmental issues: as wood is a natural resource and the wooden pallets have a short lifespan, use much more raw. As you can see, the wood can be a good choice for smaller businesses and in shortest time terms. They are cheap and fairly easy to fix. However, the greater your business, more problems and more costs cause you wood due to its short life span. Advantages of pallets plastic shelf life: plastic can provide a much longer useful life that wood, so in the long term may be a better investment.

It does not require the same amount of repair or replacement. Storage: Compared to wood, plastic is much easier to handle and store. In addition, no water damage affects it. Environmental issues: Although the plastic compared to wood seems less environmental, consider that plastic pallets do not need to be repaired as often as the wooden cages. Weight: Plastic pallets can be significantly lighter than wood and much easier to handle and work with them. Hygiene: Plastic is much more easy to clean hygienic level, compared to wood. This is especially important if you are transporting goods such as food.

Disadvantages of pallets plastics cost: the initial cost of the plastic, compared to wood, pallet is higher. Although you can use pallets leased to a company and so you don’t have to worry about what cost to the owner. Repairs: Although with less likely to be damaged than wood, plastic is harder to repair and in most cases will need to be replaced. Conclusions the best type of pallet or crate for you will probably accommodate to your situation: If you are a small company, dealing with limited goods, pallets of wood can be cheaper, as you can for yourself drive repairs or replacements. However, for larger companies, longevity and ease of use for plastics pallets may have better sense, since you’re going to be carrying quantities of goods constantly. In addition, you can also find rental of pallets (also called pallet pool), so you don’t have to worry about buying them and keep your own Park of pallets.