Economy Politics

The analysis in Economy Politics if supports in the microeconomic and macroeconomic study. The Micron economy studies the economy to the level of the individual behavior of the economic agents and the companies. Elaborated theoretician is about a study more and that he searches as the consumers if they hold, as it maximizes the satisfaction of its necessities, as they balance its wage with the prices of the products and services, particular investments, that raised benefits more than they reach. One is about an analysis to the theoretical level in the base of hypotheses of rationality and behaviors putting in evidence the mechanisms that contribute to explain the fenmenos desired to the national and international scale. Macroeconomics aims at the study of the functioning of the economy of a country, looking at the fenmeno of the international exchanges. It includes global 0 variable econmicas: production, consumption, investments, saving, inflation and unemployment.

It analyzes the relation between these aggregates whom the observed national economy in its characterizes all and its incidence in the economic performance. To prevent divagaes the macroeconomics analyzes aggregate of significant categories as PNB, the GIP, etc. the analysis if it establishes in established economic models in the use of statisticians. In economy Politics one becomes equally important the analysis of the Inflation and Deflation. Deflation represents a fall of the level of generality of the prices of products and services, it are associated with a retention of the global market and to an expansion of it offers aggregate.

The retraco of the global market normally results of one deflacionria state politics (surplus) of increase of taxes and simultaneous reduction of the expenditure public. Although this, the result of the deflacionria politics is the increase of the unemployment. The expansion of offers aggregate associates it one state politics of the side of offers of reduction of the taxes and simultaneous reduction of the public charges.