Consumer Council

Now retaliates, that the Federal Government has clamped a shield the banks, without them, such as Britain, to commit to the middle market financing”, complained about Mario Ohoven, President of the Association of SMEs (BVMW). Also DIHK Chief Hans Heinrich drift man calls a combination of Bank assistance and lending. “The banks would the State aid initially to use to bail out: it will be dangerous if they forget to play its role in the real economy there and instead only as quickly as possible to return to old return targets”, explained drift man in an interview with the Wirtschaftswoche. The customer lending business must as soon as possible once again intensified. Bundesbank, BFin and the Bank rescue fund Soffin would disclose how the banks use the Government funds.

The capitalization of many medium-sized companies give cause for concern, says President of the BVMW Ohoven. Thus, bankruptcies were mapped out in times of a global financial crisis and scarce money. Ohoven proposes a three point plan to improve capital adequacy in the middle-class: the tax exemption of all profits remaining in the operating. the reduction of VAT to three percentage points and the complete abolition of the inheritance tax. Also the quality of the Bank advice and dealing with customers after the economic crisis by financial institutions not improved rather the opposite is the case.

A large sample of the Consumer Council comes to this result Bundesverband (vzbv) in collaboration with the ZDF WISO editorial team. Thus succeeded in only one of 25 Bank advisers, to illuminate the financial background of a potential customer, and then right to advise. The tester posed at the age of 55 as alleged, who works as a Secretary. She is single single with a son (24 years, student). In may, she made a succession of 95,000 euros. Important criteria include: A current Real estate financing: loan amortization runs monthly rate 405 euros until 2013.