Attending a trade show requires a major investment for any company. So the question I will return on How my attendance at the next fair? has been raised in all those companies that have ever attended one such event in its sector. In these lines we are going to give some advice to determine whether this show is really of interest to our company and how we should raise the same strategy to be as profitable as possible. Every company should know within your industry, the timing of national and international fairs which are of interest. Once we clear the dates, it is clear that we can not attend all Here we begin to mount our strategy center.

what shows interest me? To do this I need to analyze the type of fair, exhibitors, etc.. Usually in the websites of the organizers include about statistics or reports on the results of the latest editions, including sectors represented, visitor profile, training and workshops and events held during the event. With all this we get a “snapshot” of the fairs that we attend, that interest me most, which ones could go on the road and which are key and should attend as an exhibitor. Clearly not all shows have to go with a stand because the investment would be impossible. And in these times we live. We have a very good selection if I go and how. Attend a trade fair as a visitor may also be an interesting source of contacts when prepared well.