Communication Tool Bitrix

Version 9.0 of the Bitrix intranet portal released with video conferencing, business process and email management ALEXANDRIA, VA. / KALININGRAD may 6, 2010 Bitrix today announced portal, its Enterprise 2.0 solution for small and medium-sized businesses version 9.0 of the Bitrix intranet. With a video conference module, significantly expanded opportunities for the business process management (BPM), improved security features and a completely revamped email system the solution has received a host of new features. In an extremely attractive pricing Bitrix thus provides a kind of Swiss army knife”for internal communication because the Bitrix intranet portal installs quickly and easily, focuses on ease of use and completely covers all areas of collaboration in Enterprise it. The business communication possibilities of the Bitrix intranet portal were significantly expanded in the new version. Blogs, forums, and chat capabilities were supplemented with video conferencing and E-Mail management. Users virtual video meeting rooms can set up, with a real-time status display in the public calendar book these rooms online and either make direct peer-to-peer video calls or hold conferences with up to six participants. This video features can be used both in the intranet and the extranet and need only a simple browser plug-in.

With the new integrated send & save technology E-Mails are archived after discussion strands throughout the company and are all involved colleagues available thus also after the departure or during a long absence of an employee. The emails are archived on the intranet portal. The D.I.G.-search engine indexing all messages and allows you to recover even the fragments of individual messages. The built-in SMTP server can allocate incoming emails to specific discussions, and automatically send notifications if there are announcements for specific groups, replies to posts or new topics have been created. The employees are always over new events in the intranet informed without having to login each time.