Clarence Francis

Adds us in addition, in its contribution, that self-esteem comes in a triple process: to) comparisons that sets the individual among themselves and others; (b) as a reflection of the assessment of others; and c) catchment that Yes the person has (Rosenberg, 1986 cited in Ciudad Real, Solorzano, Zepeda and Trejo, 1989, January-March, p. 56). This idea shows the interaction of three components that make up the self-esteem, where it is revealed the relevance of the relationship of an individual with others, which first shows the position of the person who takes as a parameter the others to contrast his actions and his performance in activities. As an example is the case of workers who are satisfied when they meet or exceed a goal of work rather than the rest of his companions; Since it feeds his sense of power. In the field of work when a person has a proper self-esteem, you don’t see the other as a threat or as rivals, they learn how to assess the capabilities of their peers and work as a team with greater ease; It is believed very able to put forward proposed goals to improve their working environment. On the other hand develop the sense of power involves the extent that met the goals that has arisen a person who depends not only on the provision, but more than that the development of capacities and the efforts made by her.

This lets you know that he is capable of fulfilling the objectives proposed for their life through their efforts. When this condition is not met, people lack credibility before them and shown to the world as useless and inconsistent, which is what often it happens to many people in their jobs, denying them feel satisfied with what they do and what they are. Finally, says Clarence Francis, which we can buy time for people, we can buy your physical presence at a particular place, we can even buy some of their muscle movements 20perhour. However, we can not buy the enthusiasm, we can not buy their loyalty, we can not buy the devotion of its hearts. We need to win this. Conclusions should definitely be constantly surprised how we act, what is our self-esteem, that both have made by autoconocernos, respect ourselves, be authentic, reach high, positive self-esteem that allows us to interrelate us properly and play all those roles that touches us act while we remain in this dimension, roles that so defined is evaluating us our self-esteem and how it can manage in such a way that we know leverages widely life time afforded us. We must avoid everything that we contaminate and damage our true authenticity, this is a personal heritage and befits us each grow it. * Annotations of organizational behavior, virtual classroom program of postgraduate, specialty quality and productivity management, Universidad de Carabobo.