Christian Kammerer

The goal of the index in the event of an outbreak of 4,700 points lies. 5,150 and 5.250 points. The DAX but not above of 4,400 points can reside, a rapid closing of the resulting gap seems inevitable. In the course of such a return, the DAX generated sustained downward potential up to around 4,300 points. A final score below introduces necessarily again a 300 point discount of 4,320 points up to the year lows of October 24 at 4.014 points. Cannot also this index level (already twice successfully tested) defended are, the DAX generates another subsequent sell signal and a test of support around 3,600 points is necessarily on the agenda. LONG scenario: the DAX again drops below the level of 4,400 points and instead generates renewed recovery potential with the overcoming of the index brand of 4,700 points to the resistance level around 5,200 points. In an outbreak would trigger a result pulse to the primary downtrend line currently around 5,800 points.

On this index level (including the 200-day average), the more medium-term course should then decide. SHORT scenario: the weakness knows no end and is a test of the level of 4,300 points with the second failure to 4,700 points first. A break this backing appears to be due to the General and recurrent fears”very probably, and thus will have to decide to 4,000 points whether the DAX can educate a triple bottom or starts but the actual correction target of around 3,600 points. In case of further sell-offs rejoice at all the round 3,000 mark! Copyright created by Christian Kammerer the presented charts with TradeSignal-Webedition-. Technical analysis for your desired values under: TA4YOU offers individual and exclusive technical analysis for your desired values. Disclaimer: The presented scenarios are for information only and constitute a solicitation for the purchase or sale. Every business in derivatives and other financial products is with corresponding risks flawed. Any liability for pecuniary loss is not applied. Every investor is at your own risk.