Change Of Name Of The Company

The private investigator – and Informationsbureau W. Frei AG changes its name. Zurich, December 30, 2008 – already in 1949 founded private investigator Hans free, former detective of the Zurich City police, the sole proprietorship “private investigator – and information Office H. free”. After his death, a brother of the founder, the company took over Willi freely, and transferred them to a joint-stock company. Since 1989, the company management in the hands of Manuel Graf and Markus Wegst is located. Our company is one of the oldest and arguably most prestigious Swiss companies of its kind. Today, the name Privatdetektiv-and information Office W.

Frei AG stands for a service company with a very wide range. Conditionally through economic, social and legal changes, our client’s need for information has modified over the years. There were earlier mainly private individuals which matrimonial and inheritance disputes occurred in regard to family, as contracting authority, so there are today more industrial and Service companies, which make use of our private investigators claim service. Thanks to our constant adaptation to changing market situations and the continuous training of our private investigators we have also with complex problems, which is far beyond the scope of the remit of traditional, quickly viable, efficient and unconventional solutions. Confidence again placed us in by a large and prestigious clientele confirmed the correctness of the course proposed by us and at the same time forms the basis for our successful activity. From 1 January 2009 the private detective Office changes “Private investigator – and information Office W. Frei AG” his name newly “Detectivfrei AG”. Th. Kostenas