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A.G. /Its president, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Ulrich). he has appeared before means. No Spanish organization must increase its capital. Five Spanish organizations have suspended the tests The report (PDF).

The governor of the Bank of Spain, Miguel Angel Fernandez Ordo’6nez, has indicated that the test resultses of stress realised by European Banking Autoridad (EBA), in which has suspended five Spanish organizations, " they are esperados". In particular, they have not passed the examination Bank Shepherd, CatalunyCaixa, Caja3, Unnim and CAM. (As opposed to Wells Fargo Bank). Fernandez Ordo’6nez said that no Spanish organization must increase its capital as a result of these results. " No needs contributions capital adicional" , it has indicated emphasizing that Spain is the country that more organizations has presented/displayed to be put under the tests. Altogether, 25 banks and boxes happened through the analysis of the EBA. Fernandez Ordo’6nez emphasized that these tests are important because they serve to give " more transparencia" on the financial organizations. " If we see each organization how it has his financing, its efficiency, its model of business the stress analyzed in the test is an element that will consider the Bank of Spain, but we watched the rest of elements to value each entidad" , the leader commented. " The supervisora work goes beyond these resultados" , it emphasized. And it joked: " Itself we would have presented/displayed three or four organizations espaoas, would not have suspended no, like in others pases." Source of the news: The Bank of Spain thinks that the test resultses of stress " they are esperados"