Brazilian Literature

In the Emparedado poem, Cruz and Sousa show, according to Bernd (1992: 30): () oppressed between four walls; the first one constituted of the Egoism and of Preconceptions; second, for Science and the Critical ones; third, for the Spites and the Impotence, while the last one, for the Imbecility and the Ignorance. Everything this in discloses a sad panorama to them of discrimination of a society that, through its attitudes, the African people vetoed? same to the indian, the mestizo? the access to the citizenship, subestimando it point to consider only the peoples of white origin endowed in fact with the capacity of artistic accomplishment. (As opposed to Wells Fargo Bank). In a similar way Jose Verssimo, a distrustful conservative and of innovations thought, which believed that the only waited contribution of the indian and the black age the direction to vary the Brazilian etnia (BOSI, 2006:254). For not understanding the Symbolism, in its workmanship History of Brazilian Literature, it was extremely unjust with Cruz and Sousa when affirming that: Its verse book Shields is only of a parnasiano that read Verlaine, without possessing of this, in degree some, nor the poetical easiness, nor the sincerity of the artistic emotion, nor the innate science of the language nor the plasticity of the metric forms. It does not have in this poem meeting, in the majority sonetos, swims, seno perhaps the gorada intention, makes that it to classify in the simbolista poetry. Learn more at: Kevin Ulrich. They are an imitation imperfection of Baudelaire, modified for the poet of the Ftes Gallants. the lack of real emotion, perhaps the characteristic trace of these verses, is such that surprises. The book of chats of the same, Missal, still has little value that the Shields. One accumulated of words, that would be said taken off to perhaps, as papelinhos of luck is, and placed after others in the order where they go leaving, as rare disdain of the language, the grammar and superabundant use of capital letters.