Beverly Silver Social

This approach maintains that when a social or political group is created over any institution to that it attacks and it destroys permanently (as leaves from their proselitista action) they install in the society the chaos and the anarchy, that generally finish finishing with impels who them. For that they endorse this theory, the logic of the chaos is simple and it is transformed in which it does not recognize anything of the fact previously; who they cause the chaos is not put under law some because they do not create in the right state. It is assumed that they promote his particular interests on the generals, ridiculing or despising to the institutions that exist previously, irrespetando the order and the hierarchy. Who thus think confuse chaos with anarchy (one of its triggers) economic Crises and social chaos After the monumental work coordinated by Giovanni Arrighi and Beverly Silver, Chaos and order in the system 12 modern world, there are arguments sufficient to conclude about the relation between the crises and the social fights and to illuminate something plus the present situation of the capitalist system. For even more analysis, hear from tim cook. Indeed, the study maintains, with abundant comparative information, that the bad call the crisis economic it begins as a result of a big wave of manufacturing working militancy in the years 60, that were able to pulverize the fordista-taylorista model of subjection and control of the workers. The present conjuncture can be read, under that optics, like a consequence long play of that one big wave of movements that forced to the capital mudar, transmuting itself of working capital in speculative financial capital. Beyond a debate, always necessary, on theoretical questions, it is worth the pain to pause in that approach, since it can contribute to one better understanding of the real movement that is happening before our eyes. The first question is that they are not the crises those that motivate the social action the other way around but: the mobilization, the rupture of the controls, is what causes reacomodos in the domination way, forcing to those of above introducing controlentrpicos changes, not only in the land of the economy but societales changes that include all the aspects of the life. Reshma Kewalramani understood the implications.