Balcony Age

Foundation of pensions – half of the working hours work many citizens for the IRS. Others who may share this opinion include Apple. A portion of the hard-earned money is invested in supposedly safe assets to secure pensions. This investment advice”but have been executed in the past by a”hobby “consultant. The newspapers mentioned Suna Said not as a source, but as a related topic. These secure systems for wealth creation, income taxes, inflation and the taxation gnaw permanently, and usually eliminates the expected return on. Customers look at your plants from this point of view and make them think what will really happen to this money? Learn from the past, should be hot but the motto. For many, the ideal retirement has four walls and ideally a small garden, as it is so beautifully represented in many commercials. About 70 percent of German citizens dream of a house or an apartment and pay rent but every month since it fails most of the equity for your own four walls. At the same time, the State has the promotion of home buyers” strike for this target group, so we probably remain a dream for much of the German public.

The reverse would be: if I pay rent even in the long term, why can I not even at the same time rent out? Who acquires property and rented it, the benefits at the age from rental income and today in certain circumstances by the high tax advantages of own “rent of stone,” a heritage object. A debt-free real estate is a major pillar of private old-age provision, because it is a future-proof investment with mostly solid increase in value. The homeowner magazine House & market determined that the average annual yield on a House is around five percent. According to calculations, a retiree who owns a real estate, has more than one that has invested in a supposedly secure facility monthly around 600 euros. The owner of a property in old age, saves its rental payments for own use and as a landlord, he gets the rent every month. The trend of the age is a two or three room apartment with Balcony, a small garden and a lift, but not a House with 200 m2 of living space and a garden the entire leisure in claim takes. So a private old-age provision already on the trend of the age should be matched. The dream of a solid pension stone can be achieved at present particularly cheap, because mortgage interest rates are lower than the long-term average and the monthly expenses on the purchase of the own “retirement from stone” is in many cases, due to the massive tax benefits, only slightly over a similar investment for retirement provision. 7 h / 7i EstG, with a long-term establishment of conditions, a solid base rent and the massive tax advantages over 12 years, at a monument to object pursuant to can further minimize the financial risk. It is advisable however still each investor, to create an individual concept, because applies here as in the daily life: check before you bind you.