Announce Changes

One of the most relevant issues of the spins of the tarot is when changes are announced. Generally speaking, when we approached a circulation, it is because we are going through a bad time, or there is something in our lives that we need to change. Therefore when the Tarot cards announce changes, they are more than welcome, and bring us a sense of tranquility into our lives. But beware, not all changes are good, because there are life circumstances in which change is for the worse. Such is the case when the Tower arcane leaves unfolded. The change that announces the tower is sudden change.

It is very little that can make the consultant to stop the chain of events that is about to unleash. The image of the Tower refers to the biblical figure of the Tower of Babel, which was torn down by the wrath of God, to pretend to be more than it actually was. Stone on stone, will not be that the judgment of divinity. Same thing happens with the tower. The natural order of things, as they were until that moment, has come to an end. But the consultant does not have to worry about. Don’t resist the change that is approaching is the first step toward an inevitable transition. Life often, many say, is like a roller coaster.

When carts reaches the highest part of travel, then, and without mediation, comes the rapid decline. Even though we opposed, we move rapidly to our destination. Death is the other arcane that speaks to us of inevitable permutations. But in this case, the change will be less abrupt. It is a consequence of the evolution of living beings. As the worm that turns into a butterfly, the mutation requires that his worm body dies, to give way to the beautiful butterfly. Whoever has revealed this arcane against itself, should be prepared for a similar change. In general, change will be of benefit, and announces the passing of a State of less than one higher evolution. The only way in which this change will be negative is if we oppose him. It will happen and it is inevitable. This is one of the tarot cards that tell us that you we need to get rid of what no longer serves. When what we considered valuable, has lost its usefulness, should be discarded without further delay. That is the natural evolution of life. Jesus Pontello original author and source of the article