Andorra To The Tour De France 2009

A top destination for travel and sports fans first stopover to warm up: after the transfer from Barcelona Airport, guests reach the landlocked country in the Pyrenees. Andorra’s Garden”is the prelude followed by great views and insights in the idyllic villages of dorren Georgian life. The sanctuary of Meritxell is on the agenda. “This beautiful sets tourism its product philosophy authentic, creative, experience” perfectly in scene. Second stage: the tour de France live! Right in front of the hotel, guests have the opportunity to cheer on their favorites. The stages of Barcelona to Arcalis and Andorra la Vella Saint GIRONS be experienced live. The third stage provides the perfect cool-down: A visit to the capital of Andorra la Vella. The Parliament building with the Casa de la Vall, the atmospheric old town and the prospect of many nice souvenirs accents more great travel.

The finale: A free day or a trip across France for Spain in the Valley of dreams. Here the trip participants experience a Nature reserve, offering many photo motifs on the platter. An additional option with very authentic character is a Catalan bread meal: here, the group with water and wine, bread, tomatoes and typical sausage strengthens. This tour combines two travel incentives as Special: on the one we experience firsthand a top-class sporting event, considered third largest sporting event behind the Olympics and the World Cup the world. “On the other hand, we present Andorra’s impressive nature and its authentic places a fresh destination that particularly special impressions leaves”, as Johannes Schon, Managing Director of beautiful tourist. The travel program is aimed to tour operators as well as on groups of 8 people that cut to a great trip with best organization would allow!