America’s National Cuisine – The Usual Fast-food

Most of us often do not believe that there is such a thing as American cuisine. In part, this opinion is formed due to the fact that we all love to call Americans disabled people, who dream only of money and time to time a bullet missiles to other countries. Meanwhile, American kitchen recipes never cease to delight gourmets all over the globe and it is quite natural because the cuisine of America has incorporated the best culinary traditions of dozens of different nations. Moreover, Americans have often threatened to holy and express their opinions on how to make sushi or cook buckwheat, creating in the end really original recipes delicious. Despite all of the above, the American kitchen is a collective manner, as it includes the national peculiarities not only U.S. but also Canada, or Mexico. Canada, for example, has experienced enormous influence of Indian, British and French culinary traditions, and because of the local restaurants can offer you to taste exotic dishes such as liver, seal, beaver tail, buffalo hump or hind paw bear. Recipes for these dishes were borrowed from the indigenous population. Visitors also gave Canadian cuisine familiar to us wine, salads and desserts. And usually it turns out that the Canadian establishments on the same table can be number of reindeer meat and mountain rams and Caesar salad. However, we are a bit away from the topic. Canadian and Mexican cuisine is definitely good, but we dwell in more detail on the characteristics of nutrition of the U.S. population. For them the main criteria of quality courses are speed of preparation, simplicity and hygiene. The vast majority of Americans sincerely believes that there should be only what is good for health. Look for recipes with photos showing the traditional American cuisine, and you convince them that the cook will be able to even a child. Traditional American breakfast is usually a big donut, indispensable cornflakes, bacon, eggs, toast, juice or coffee. Lunch is also simple to the extreme, and consists of multi-layer or sandwich, or from the steak and fries, all washed down with a glass of cola. The really interesting and tasty recipes Americans cherish for dinner. And even in this case, the local cooking departs from the European canon. For example, do not be surprised if the meal you are served fruit soups or difficult to prepare meals. The soul of the people, tired of fast breakfast and lunch ready, requires a holiday, and because at dinner the Americans' break away on all cylinders. " Significant place in the menu of the average American family took recipes of seafood – lobster, lobster, oysters, and large shrimp. From sausage biggest widely ham, sausages and bacon, and poultry – turkey and chicken. Americans consume a huge amount of fresh vegetables. Popular as European food (Caesar salad or Greek salad), and traditional recipes. Very often in the course are onions, beans, potatoes, celery and tomatoes. Do not give the Americans and the sweet. Especially loved by the people candies, jellies and cakes. It is worth also to talk about corn. Against this grain, in fact, and based the entire national cookery. Young cob eaten with butter and syrup, and a mature corn is used in cooking souffle, cereal and cereal. Moreover, because it is baked breads and cakes, which are served with special sauces. America's national cuisine, of course, is easier than French or Spanish, but despite this, she can please all the abundance of tasty dishes and recipes and will like any housewife, since it does not require much time for cooking.