American Boeing

The fact that local businesses are inclined to ignore the color decisions in matters corporate identity – a myth. 'Construction companies are paying enough attention to marketing communications – notes deputy general director of group companies' HF Engineering' Vitaly Vilensky. – Suffice it to recall the shares 'Don Story' or 'PICA'. The real estate market – very competitive, so participants are forced to promote their brand with an unusual creative moves, including by playing with color. " A good example of a company realizes the importance of working with flowers – Aeroflot, which in 2002 began to 'repaint itself' in blue, silver and orange.

By the way, the American Boeing c 2004 uses a white and blue. Construction in color. Every nation has its own range of color perception, historically formed at the expense of tradition, customs and lifestyle features. In Russia, for example, the green symbolizes the natural purity and healthy lifestyle, and blue – government, red – emergency services, yellow – taxis, etc. However, to speak about these established patterns of perception as a certain hard-coded standards, which businessmen should be followed at all costs, it is meaningless.

It's just a kind of 'buoy' to the 'collective unconscious' of the nation. In a branding ponyatie tsvetovyh kategory. They pomogayut uslovno opredelit 'prinadlezhnost' different tsvetov to tomu or inomu market. Thus, for example, kompanii of b2b-and finansovogo sektorov in bolshinstve svoem ispolzuyut spokoynye konservativnye and color. Stoit hotya to look at the banks 'painted' in blue and white (MDM-Bank, Citibank, Vneshtorgbank, 'UralSib'), beige (CRA 'Slavic Bank') and green (Sberbank) of the color.