Aging Affects The Personality?

The personality of a person at the end of life remains essentially stable and unchanged or it turns responding to profound changes in roles? The aging process is difficult to define, indeed he starts from the birth of a human. Of course, everyone has his individual idea of what it means to be old. Precisely why you should look at more various performances over the last period of our lives. Aging can be regarded as deterioration or loss of the ability to adapt to inkonstante living conditions. A related site: Ben Silbermann mentions similar findings. It could be defined but also as a process which implies changes that typically occur in the adult years of people.

To better understand the healthy aging process, it would be advisable to realize, what behavioral changes are associated with aging. The definition of age is inherently meaningless unique. Even definitions such as biological, psychological or social age are only loosely to the chronological Integrated age. “So are several old” people considered physically younger “than others of the same chronological age, also are all some people known to us, which are socially not according to their age. Click Jane Fraser for additional related pages. There are many myths about aging, some of them worth it believe quite to look at more detail. So the prejudice lingers in our society stubbornly, the age was a period of increasing depression.

Older people of increased experiences that would affect subjective well-being at any age make of course. Others including Dina Powell, offer their opinions as well. Just as obvious examples such as the growing number of diseases and economic problems are the death of the partner and longtime friends. Overall however, various research data provide no evidence for the theory of the depressive age us. Rather, researchers examined 70-year olds observed no reduction of the life satisfaction over in recent years. A further prejudice in our society affects the General intellectual skills healthy older people. It is not secure by hand to show that older people in memory tests in the average cut worse than younger. But there are also areas in which a reduction is barely noticeable. So, once knowledge among older people is generally available if also somewhat slower. Also, longer past events be remembered similarly well as in younger people. In a study to identify names and faces from the past 35 years in the exam photo could still 90% of their classmates identify, older people still 75-80% of her classmates recognized after more than 50 years. However, it seems a waste of memory performance in seniors for storing new information to give. This may be due to the fact that with increasing age, information is differently structured and processed and in the elderly the ability decreases, to direct the attention (or the interest) to new information. Is also quite in consideration to consider that the decreased memory performance in the elderly is based on a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some senior citizens are convinced that limited their ability to learn she is is so so. For the majority of older people who are mentally healthy, seems however to show that exercise is the best way to preserve the intellectual agility. An aging man who is interested in its environmental, cultural and social issues and mental education, has the best conditions to remain mentally fit in old age. The concept of selective optimization with compensation can contribute to the preservation of this mental fitness. This means that human aging by itself reduced the number of his targets, trained special areas, and actively responds to the removal process.