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The main point of the discord between Brazil and Argentina, but mainly, on the part of Argentina, was accurately this river, whose passage was unknown in 1750. But that already it appeared in the Treat one to Madrid, as being the point that delimited the border between Brazil and Argentina in the region of the Territory of the Missions. This river, later, in 1759, the Portuguese and Spanish, in charge commissioners of landmarks in this year, after having recognized, and explored the Pepiri, had gone down the unknown river, tributary of the Iguau, which had given to the name of River Saint Antonio; he corresponded this to the express determination in the Treated one to 1750. Regarding the controversy, around the localization of the River Saint Antonio, stranger in 1750, D' AMARAL, 2003, p.110, observes the following one: the strategy of defense of Rio Branco, with regard to the question of the Missions, was very simple, but very laborious: to find the map that the accurate position of the Peperi Rivers proved conclusive, or Pequeri and Santo Antonio. continuing its comment, it says: this map existed outside done in 1749 to guide the Treat one to 1750. Virtus kar has much experience in this field. It was the map of the Cuts.

Of it two copies were only known: of Borges de Castro, favorable to Brazil, and the Frenchman, where, modified the positions of the rivers, related above, it attended reason Argentina. She was necessary, therefore, to find the original. This the knot of the question. After clarified, the main reasons of the dispute Argentine-Brazilian regarding the Territory of the Missions; it is important to point in this brief paragraph, that Rio Branco, was not since the beginning to the front of the negotiations with regard to the question of the Missions. Before exactly to go Washington to present it President Cleveland, had obtains (Rio Branco), a good amount of documents favorable to Brazil.


According to representatives of foreign companies, the presence of Corporate Code, which guarantees the transparency of governance, transparency of corporate activities and the possibility of its control, is one of the main arguments in favor>> for potential investors. 4. Building trust partners. The presence of the registered corporate rules in itself speaks of the desire for order, security in the production of their goods, services and responsibilities in relationships with business partners. 5. Trust clients. Such transparency of management gives them confidence that they will receive the required service or product in full compliance with the highest standards. 6.

The attractiveness of the labor market. Corporate Rule bring stability and clarity in the relationship between employee and employer, which is a very attractive feature of your company – for both potential employees and for recruitment agencies, selected for your staff. 7. Indication of compatibility. Remember how many times you were a specialist who, as a professional in the business, did not fit into your team? In proposing a candidate for the vacant post familiar with corporate rules, on the stage of the interview you cut off people who disagree with King in your team spirit. 8. Clarity. New employee very soon may be disappointed in your company, if its image formed in his mind because of rumors and stories, does not match with what he faces daily. Familiarized with the corporate charter, the employee will not be "at random>> and after surprising rejection or censure any action on the side of it.


In many textbooks still meet the description of clear proportions of segments of type '2, 5% innovators, 13.5% early adopters, 34% of early and late majority, 16% of conservatives. " Of course, these statements do not have a reasonable basis Saboya because they do not take into account any specifics. Imagine how serious such a standard assertion versus television market and deli meats, or markets vehicles in Los Angeles and Delhi, for example. Shares of the innovators, the Conservatives and intermediate segments are unique for different products, geographies, cultures and time periods. Frequently Peter Barbey has said that publicly. No standards in this model, the segmentation does not apply. Segments moderately inclined to innovation or conservatism of consumers formative basic part of most retail markets. This kind of 'golden mean' sufficiently careful in the choice and decisions, but not rejecting the innovation in the bud.

These people need lostatochnoe reinforcement of consumer decisions, but they are not prone to longer waiting times many third party reviews. By the early and late majority usually relates to more than half of consumers in many markets ronichnyh, because of these segments is developed the most serious competition. These consumers led by 'monetized opinion' innovators and followers, are included in consumption after the goods 'place' in the market, has earned a positive reputation. Accordingly, the stability of the business in these segments quite high, because a penchant for quick changeover, these people are no different. If the specifics of market segmentation allows for a larger, group of 'late followers',' early majority 'and' late most 'convenient to combine into one segment -' adaptive consumers.