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I hope you read this because it is important to know the importance of today is being on the Internet and many of us do not take account of ignorance or just because we have the idea that the Internet is just another tool in our company and passed on high all the benefits and solutions that can give us if we know the real potential we have in our hands. Many of you already have a website whether personal or business, there’s a big mistake that many make and ultimately brings them no benefit and that great error is to place the name of your company or your personal name website and the reason is very simple GOOGLE, as you know is the biggest search engine on the Internet there are handles 70% of the searches with both the same company Youtube the rest is YAHOO, BING (MSN),

ASK and other small more, these engines are like the yellow pages that have information from around the world that handle only one algorithm to the results of searches of its customers are more accurate now because I tell you that they make a big mistake putting the company name as a domain? Bone (o) and is very simple, searches for many is something general, for example if I live in the U.S. and I buy wholesale Peruvian crafts since I do not know a particular company placed Peruvian crafts, or Peruvian, or Peruvian Handcrafted jewelry, or wholesale Peruvian handcrafted, etc. In the GOOGLE search box, nobody will put the name of your company because the majority who live outside do not know, so if you sell your business Peruvian handicrafts will not appear on the results of those searches losing potential foreign customers interested in buying what you sell.


Evolution of florists in bogota. The service of florists in Bogota had a radical change through the use of the internet. Formerly known to florists in Bogota to ask for phone service, transmit the information being committed many errors of transcription and then we had to go to a bank to allocate. We will then have the story of Jaime when I buy flowers to Bogota on your anniversary to his wife. First thing he did was take the phone book and find the phones of: florists Bogota arriving at the section of flowers in bogota.

He found many, many notices of florists in bogota, but didn’t know to which call because all were similar and there was no way of knowing how they were products. He decided to call one of the florists in bogota. Calling served him a person who was not very specific products that could give. But he offered a floral arrangement in a generic way. Jaime told him that it was a gift for his wife on the anniversary. He proceeded to give them data for delivery and I teach you the message for the card.

With such bad luck that the person on the phone the address copy evil. The person on the phone told her that should be allocated earlier for delivery of flowers in bogota. Jaime went to the bank where he had to make a row of one hour to perform the appropriation. Jaime then went for his work to wait with longing the call from his wife thanking him for the bouquet of flowers in bogota. And she knew how much that loves it and thinks it. Looking forward the agility of florists in bogota. Being 6: 00 pm Jaime ended his workday missing who have not received the call from his wife.I call his wife but she does not answer. Went to his house. When I come home, he found that his wife was sad, he thought that Jaime didn’t remember the anniversary. New era of florists in Bogota in 2010, Jaime again sending a floral arrangement to his wife but this time did it by Internet, the new era of Bogota florists. This time did not have to draw but go to the page internetsino find florists bogota in google, to choose a design in a digital photo, commensurate with the occasion. Found the page where he saw several arrangements that caught the attention. Digit delivery in the order information in the page and thus avoid possible errors. You could pay online with your credit card thus avoiding having to go to do the row in a bank. The Internet has allowed to improve service of florists in Bogota, so much that it has no sense to use the former method because the advantages are obvious. We invite you to know the florist flowers to colombia, visiting the page original author and source of the article


Rising customer numbers in the deposit business and declining volume of securities, so one can summarize the result of comdirect Bank for August 2008. reports: how comdirect today in a press release to announce Bank left, their customers have carried out in August of reduced securities transactions than in the same month of the previous year. So the number of trades on 570.036 fell, whereas she in July of this year amounted to 706.620. The assets managed by comdirect Bank, however, increased to EUR 22,46 billion to 21.98 billion euros in the previous month. The online broker owes the bulk of this increase in the deposit business and especially the great popularity, finds the day cash offer of comdirect Bank (details can interested investors under day money/comdirect day money-see a plus). Deposit transactions rose from 10,54 billion euros in July 2008 to now 10,82 billion euros in August, so proud of 280 million euros, and the number of money market accounts increased to stand to whole 30.787 on 707.604 by the end of August 2008. While the combination of attractive interest rates and high safety benefits of comdirect Bank. Through membership in the deposit insurance fund of the Federal Association Deutscher Banken e.V.

(details on this system see ../bundesverband-deutscher-banken), is currently a wholly-owned protection of customer deposits in an amount of up to EUR 163 million per customer. Interest rates the day cash offer of comdirect Bank with its 5.00% p.a. to up to 30,000 euro full six months and 4.00% p.a. for amounts involved up to 100,000 euros, as well as from the seventh month for months among the leading domestic banks. Currently arises a yield of 4.56 percent for the first 12 months for deposits up to 30,000 euros. It remains only to be seen how or when comdirect Bank will respond to me private customers the renewed interest adjustments for some competitors in the fight for the deposits.


This text deals with to the crises lived deeply for airline TAM and its attitudes taken for the management of the restored crisis. Passing later to be reference for other companies ahead of its attitudes and its persistence before the society. Words Key: Crises; Solutions; Management of Crisis ARTICLE day 31 of October of 1996 was marked by a great tragedy which reed-echo in everybody. An aerial disaster occurrence in the city of So Paulo with an aircraft of company TAM mobilized the country beyond reing-echo in the world. For if dealing with (at the time) one of the biggest occurred air accidents in Brazil.

The attitudes taken in lower court for the vice-president of Marketing of the company without the ownership of a manual of crisis management, as well as the too much attitudes taken in elapsing of the situation and for the too much crises solved for had the same served of example for the proper one and other companies of aviation. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Bill Phelan by clicking through. Its frieza and caution (characteristic of a good gerenciador of crisis had taken) it to take coherent attitudes before that situation. Therefore at a crisis moment, the first step is to have calm to be able to lead the actions in efficient way and not to unchain a effect panic cascade. Soon after this, the first attitude taken before an air accident is if to worry about the victims, verifying if has survivors and if it has possibility to save lives and to give the possible aid all. in case that it does not have survivors, must be looked for to understand what it caused the problem, that is, to make a search for the black boxes of the airplane to select what it was said and the data of the aircraft times before the fall. Therefore beyond the company the society has headquarters of information and if treating to an airplane fall, this rees-echo in a world-wide attention, not only for the interest of the victims and yes for the interest that the catastrophes despertam in the public opinion.


It is not acceptable that SMEs have to assume the Statute of workers labor regulation. Some SMEs have problems for this reason, and end up making redundancies. It should be designed a specific labour legislation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Structural measures 4.Aplicar Enrique Echegoyen, of employment Commission spokesman and Deputy spokesman in the Committee on Budgets, economy and finance (PSOE Madrid) structural measures are not easy to adopt. They require a serene and prolonged debate at the time. Recently Christos Staikouras sought to clarify these questions. It should be recalled that Spain is the country that most supports tax deductions on investments in r & d. But the concept of innovation should be borne by the employer.

There is a very large distance between the real economic situation of families and their pessimistic view about the economic situation. In general, there is a sense of thinking that I’m not afraid to lose the job, but I’m afraid not to find it.We need the unity of action of all the political forces. Do not let the crisis a political instrument to abrade the Government. It is not responsible. 5.Rebajas in societies and Security Social Jose Luis Casero, Chairman of Tempo consultants trust is not keyword to stimulate the economy and maintain employment.

Entrepreneurs with the data we have today, do not have confidence in the current situation. According to Christie’s, who has experience with these questions. Greater flexibility in labor matters, with unification of contracts and reduction of social security contributions is needed especially to SMEs. Lowering the tax to small and medium-sized enterprises is a measure that can not wait longer if we want to be competitive in a globalised economy. So far it has not opted for competitiveness. The Executive not innocently thought that we would reach as high unemployment figures. Large international meetings will not solve the problems small and medium-sized enterprises. 6.Vincular wage productivity Antonio Morales, Deputy Chair of the Bardera group in labour matters, lowering the cost of dismissal is essential for companies continue hiring.


In 1992 he founded Open Joint Stock Company "Dzerzhinskhimmash." In October, 2006 – JSC "Dzerzhinskhimmash" became part of the Industrial Group "Generation". Catalog designation of ball valves: 11ls69p Product range includes 250 to DN 350 mm PN from 8MPa to 16MPa. The second group includes domestic companies that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union: Of special note is the company producing ball valves in the CIS and is well represented on the Russian market: company "Spetsavtomatika" Lugansk (Ukraine) Number of ball valves began in 1992 Implementation in Russia – through TD "Marshall", Moscow Catalogue designation of ball valves: 11s67p (KZSHs41nzh) Product range includes 15 to DN 350 mm and PN from 1.6 MPa to 2.5 MPa. OOO "Olbrizservis" Kiev (Ukraine) issue of ball valves began in 2002 Implementation in Russia – through ZAO Firma "Prokonsim" Moscow marking Catalog ball valves: 11s31p, 11s32p, 11s41p, 11s42p, 11s64p. Other leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari offer similar insights. Range of products includes DN 25 to 200 mm and PN from 1.6 MPa to 2.5 MPa. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Ashton Kouzbari. Ball valves are widely proizvoiteley Ukrainian companies ZAO Tehpromimpeks', Moscow, and ZAO Firma "Prokonsim" Moscow largest domestic ball valve manufacturers today are (in calendar order): PP "Automatics-Invest" Tula Manufacturing was founded in 1990. Catalog designation of ball valves: KSHTVG, KSHTV, KSHTH Nomenclature product includes DN 15 to 200 mm and PN from 1.6 MPa to 4MPa. JSC "Strommash" Ulyanovsk in 1990 at the Office "Ulyanovskglavsnab" was created by the company "Strommash." Specializing primarily in welded valves, since 2003 company develops production of ball valves. Since then, the company "Strommash" is included in the JSC "KP SNABSERVIS" in Moscow.


Kfar Kama and Rihani share of 70 kilometers. This is a little bit, but because of the mountainous terrain and frequent rotations of the road seems too long. For 17 years prior to re-create a Jewish state in Palestine, Seven kilometers from the town of Hadera, located Shapsugsky village Kirbet Cherkassy (Circassian wood). To broaden your perception, visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari. The name comes from the forest, which was located nearby. In 1931 malaria epidemic claimed the lives of almost all residents. Survivors settled in Kfar Kama and Rihani. Since 1517, when there was a Circassian Mamluk destruction (they are 135 years ruled Egypt, Syria, Palestine), the Galilee was inhabited by the descendants of the brave knights of the Adyghe, the survivors of the genocide. Mingling with the Arabs, they gradually disappeared, but their children's children, knowing about their origins, more than once appealed to the Circassians to take them to the community.

But Israeli Circassians refused them, saying that they "do not look at the Circassians and forgotten their language and customs. " I asked the Israeli compatriots, why they do not establish close ties with the Circassians, living in Syria, Jordan, Turkey, to young children from Kfar Kama and Rihani were not forced to betroth cousin and second cousin. They replied that "Circassians from Arab countries tend to be Arabs, they are Arabized and language, and thinking, and the customs. Contacting them, we would rather get lost, so we girls prefer to own or from the Caucasus. " Circassians in Israel enjoy the respect and popularity.


Ambitious, but not unrealistic future prospect of Eltville am Rhein, 12.01.2012. The activities of insurance intermediary will be increasingly sophisticated. The claims of the policyholder as well as the demands made by the legislator are constantly increasing. Bill Phelan insists that this is the case. This requires the search for qualified young professionals as they can be found mainly at universities. Advising and selling Yes, love! “, insurance no, thank you!” 70% of students can imagine to advise in the course of their professional life or to sell, but only 20% can imagine to work in the insurance industry.

“The current study of the SMARTcompagnie comes to this conclusion: recruitment of university graduates for insurance mediation”. The vexing image theme that the insurance mediation has a youth problem, is known and is frequently discussed in publications. This can be given an average age of insurance brokers and multiple agents from nearly 50 years also won’t be denied. As the cause is often the referenced the bad image of the industry. So, the insurance intermediaries in regularly published charts of popular professions ranks usually very far back if not even at the end. Learn more at this site: Munear Ashton Kouzbari.

To the current investigation of the SMARTcompagnie’s solution-oriented with the topic of image of the insurance industry”. So, the creator of Bachelor work four so-called benchmark occupations”out. These are compared on the basis of nine dimensions of prestige with the insurance intermediaries. How the insurance intermediaries as founder of the company is popular it is evident, that the insurance intermediaries in all prestige dimensions (social recognition, workplace safety, etc.) when compared to the benchmark occupations: worst cut corporate tax consultant corporate founder and recruiters. The integration of findings from the survey, as well as by several group discussions through results in a differentiated between the professions. So the independence stands out, for example, when the company’s founder. The prestige dimension “Job insecurity comes through emphasis on other, positive associations such as such as innovative products” or greater room for manoeuvre “in the background.


With extensive evaluation software for various applications of infrared, the DIAS infrared GmbH of Dresden has a new product in its portfolio. The portable infrared camera MobIR M8 is also aimed at beginners in the infrared measurement technology and professional users. Thermographic construction work, inspection of cabinets or other maintenance of technical facilities, where a non-contact temperature measurement is required are mentioned here as examples. Get all the facts and insights with Richard Plackett, another great source of information. It is a portable device with a weight of only 350 g. The camera is not only small and handy, but has a variety of innovative features. For example, infrared video recordings, as well as a built-in laser to the measurement object marking are up to 30 minutes to add length, the possibility of audio and text comments to an image. MobIR M8 works a microbolometer array with 160 x 120 pixels. It has a measuring range from 20 C to 250 C, which can be extended up to 350 C optional.

The thermal images and pictures of the integrated Visual camera are stored in the internal memory or on a mini-SD card. The user can use many various built-in functions for measurement tasks. He can freely position such as measuring points on the display and set alarms and isotherms.For a software-side evaluation of measurements it is proven software PYROSOFT compact or professional slides. Thus, both offline image editing and measurements are available as online measurements (live image”). Small lightweight MobIR M8. Available only at DIAS infrared with extensive software solution. (Tushar)


In the autumn and winter, it is usually so that the price for new and used cars come with something. Therefore, many consumers consider certainly currently again whether they should purchase a new or used car. Clearly more than half of all purchases in the automotive sector will be debt-financed, either by a car loan from the dealer, an installment loan of the Bank or even leasing often offered by the dealer. In this respect standing of course first of all with regard to the financing also faced the question of whether you should opt for leasing or a loan. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, so not generally, we can say that now the better”financing option would be. The leasing for individuals not through this advantage can shine the advantages and disadvantages at the lease while the leasing of vehicles due to the tax deductibility of leasing installments of great benefit can be for commercial customers,”. The basically only advantage is for individuals when the lease is that the lease rates in most cases are lower than the rates that you would have to pay on a loan.

Who so important with a very low monthly rate is for the leasing comes more in question than the car loan. The disadvantage when the lease however, that you must make a payment at the beginning on one and on the other hand is not the owner of the vehicle. Only when man makes a final payment after the end of run time, you can become owners. And it also the main disadvantage of leasing, which is financially arises basically. Because you added the lease payment, lease payments and interest, and the remainder to be paid later, so that total is very often (much) higher than if you financed the vehicle with a loan (and interest).

Learn more about leasing are provided here: lease / the pros and cons for the credit the disadvantages of leasing are compared automatically of course the advantages of the credit, and vice versa. Thus, the advantage is when the car loan first and foremost that that this financing is overall mostly cheaper uses lease and would later acquire the vehicle. On the other hand is just the drawback that the monthly rates are higher than when the lease. Without hesitation Munear Ashton Kouzbari explained all about the problem. However, one can with regard to the periods when the credit today even to choose seven years, so that it is possible therefore, to keep the monthly rate relatively low. You can hold the complete so that the credit in most cases for individuals is the better version, if a car financing should be. About the eTonix interactive GmbH that Andreas and Eugen Bunen guided eTonix interactive GmbH operates of one of the largest PC forums in Germany. In addition to neutral test reports about hardware, and news in the field of computer, user can receive free assistance in problems.With the newly launched finance portal are now also in the area of credit details around the area of the financing made available.