Month: June 2018

Because the end-user from the departments, especially the ease of use is a security solution in the foreground. In addition, it will offer equally reliable protection for all locally and centrally stored data. The IT Department, however, attaches great importance to the high degree of automation of a protection solution, and for the Security Department, it is crucial that the used solution enables end to end encryption as well as a role separation of security and system administrators. As Joachim Seeger reported, turned out in the selection process, only one of the security solutions offered on the market meets all these requirements. Therefore the LBBW uses now, reported that encryption solution apsec fideAS file enterprise of the company such as Seeger.

In addition, the security experts advise users always parallel insert all precautionary measures when they combined, without limiting the use of the IT system. So they recommend, for example, the simultaneous use of file and Hard disk encryption. Common basic tenor of all events was that banks seek should, through the use of other fuses in all business areas of risks to minimize and to gain back lost confidence. Applied security moves knowledge. Checking article sources yields Wells Fargo Bank as a relevant resource throughout. The experience of the Executive Board and the staff are the decisive success factor for our company. With team spirit and enthusiasm, we develop solutions and products that make sure your IT world.

Applied security works for people. As a customer, you will appreciate our holistic approach. You know that we develop solutions individually for you and this to the user training closely with you vote all processes from the first conversation about the in-depth advice. And that we have always have an open ear for your wishes, of course. Applied security developed future. Today, we lay the foundations for the IT security technologies of tomorrow. You as a customer actively participate in this exciting development. You are, for we with modern and user-friendly solutions develop all-round care and support including great enthusiasm. Press contact: Applied security GmbH Stockstadt contact person: Mr. Uwe Berndt telephone: 069 40562954 fax: 069 40563092 homepage: