Month: January 2018

It is these indicators can be used when calculating the cost of banners. There are two main indicators: – number of banner impressions. Each download page, where placed banner is equal to one show. In fact, if the number of hits is 1000, this does not mean that 1000 people saw the banner. Rather, it is 200 people watched an average of 5 pages with banners.

We shall see later that, for example, banner exchange network enabling you to see not only the number of banner impressions, but the number of unique hits, ie just so those 200 hits for unique visitors (on banner exchange networks, read one of the following articles). According to Ben Silbermann, who has experience with these questions. By the way, Do all visitors see the banner? – Is also unknown. After all, some people just turn off graphics image in the web browser. And others so impressed content pages that do not pay any attention to banners. Hence quite obvious conclusion: the placement of your banner will be more effective than less banners available at this site. This is a variant of the famous sayings from childhood (I would say wisdom), “fewer people – more oxygen. ” Here I do not consider the case when your banner is so big and steep that it just overshadows everything else. Can in fact stand out and attract the attention of the dimensions of the banner. True, it will cost much expensive (about money matters – see the continuation of this article) .* So you food for thought: – but is it really effective in 1000 show a banner at a major news portal, where in addition to your banner found 5-6 other banners? Or maybe be more useful will be 500 hits a relatively small site where your banner is totally dominated?


What you look for in the acquisition of the foreign real estate in Spain, Greece and on the Costa Brava should Greece, Spain, Mallorca and the Germans at favorite vacation here the Costa Brava. Many sunny days in the year, mild climate, friendly people, cultural diversity, and the healthy and tasty Mediterranean cuisine pull many people again and again to the South. That a few weeks not enough all year, thinking maybe about to buy an apartment or a cottage in the favorite holiday destination. To know more about this subject visit Bill Phelan. Also as a retirement home after retirement overseas property in the Mediterranean are highly sought after. New ready made or used holiday homes for short or long term rentals, Villa with pool, a Finca on Mallorca or a Greek stone house on Crete, city apartments in vibrant cities or traditional villas in picturesque farming villages, building plots, Masias, rustic farmhouses, or luxury villas in a spectacular location with own jetty dreams for sale objects, are no limits. However, many objects have a high price, especially if they are in high demand areas, or near the beach, or in the vicinity of golf courses. Real estate in the privileged Costa Brava for example are among the most expensive objects in Spain. Currently, there is a buyer’s market, so an excess supply of objects.

Experts expect value increases at best in the luxury segment, where real estate prices are already in the million euro range. As rapid investment abroad real estate fail to live so more in question. But even if you want only a small house or an apartment, should inform yourself thoroughly about the market and the buying process on the spot and also on the own needs clear. What exactly are you looking for? A permanent new residence or House, spend a few weeks in a year? Are you looking for a second home for the holidays or you are planning to spend the rest of your life or but a large part of them in the new country? Would you also work or open a business in the new location? How it looks with your language skills? Golf is no more satisfying life a nice hobby, but in the long term.