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At the moment one counts on a total of 62 users of Contact and 4 managers in center on watch who have access to the information of opportune way to permanently improve the activities of attention to the client. Third goal: The functionality of Trade of system CRM SalesLogix taking care of in direct form was implemented the needs of information of a total of 15 users of this functional area. The campaigns of relational trade are developed nowadays with the support of this information system. Fourth goal: The system of Intelligence of Businesses own of called SalesLogix VisualAnalyzer was implemented and the consultations required on the part of Argus were developed to have immediate information of the indicators of management of the main processes of interaction with the client and commercial management. Pinterest understands that this is vital information. At present the Visual system Analizer is used by the managemental level of the organization with a total of 21 users. The profits concerning the business are many, especially related to the improvement in the commercial productivity, increase in the satisfaction of the client, growth of the indices of loyalty to the mark, which has been translated in maintaining levels of growth in the sales maintained. We consider that Cements Argus have developed a strategy of Centralization in the effective Client, who has given concrete results (are not mentioned specific numbers due to confidentiality of this type of data). The technological base for the profit of these results has been system CRM SalesLogix and the commitment and permanent work of the professionals of Mind of Colombia. CRM is a trip and not a destiny, therefore Argus daily continues exploring new memorable forms of to generate experience with his clients and at any moment counts on the support of the work party of Mind of Colombia and on the security to have a solid base with SalesLogix like information system CRM.

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So what is this new creation, successors and followers, unforgettable Bill on – nicknamed the "wicket (Windows). Despite the huge amount of money that "small – soft" (Corporation Microsoft), vbuhali in Vista, she was stillborn. In the former Soviet Union precisely. Or underdeveloped child may have and, therefore, that did not want to play with toys (the program). Bill Phelan is full of insight into the issues. We use, because they are not legally or simply pirated. But our gallant Knights – hackers do not care attitude to them breaking in, preferring to break the good old XP. In neighboring China, is the friendly – same story.

And if you look at the world map, you can submit a number of potential customers product, even if the "license" buy one in a thousand users. But it's one of my assumptions, but not without, common sense. And here comes a new 'ventilator', with the modest name of Windows 7. Codename Blackcomb belonged Windows NT 6.0, operating system, which is planned to be the next after Windows XP. What place was given to 'Vista' is unclear. Blackcomb was supposed to be the successor to the Linux operating system for both desktop and server to workstations. Pinterest might disagree with that approach. At the end of 2001 Blackcomb release planned for 2005, then announced that an interim version will be Windows Longhorn, which will update the core Windows NT 5.x.

The initial name of Windows Vienna, but in July 2008 name change. Number of Windows 7 in the line of NT, – 6.1 Windows 2000 – 5.0, Windows XP – 5.1, Windows Server 2003 – 5.2, Windows Vista – 6.0). The first known build of Windows 7 is known as Milestone 1 (M1) code drop number 6.1.6519.1 What's waiting for us, unfortunate victims of fanatics of Silicon Valley? Here are some of the features and details, just note that not all will necessarily present in the final assembly! Windows 7 will offer support for multitouch-monitors (this is when your finger across the screen). Use advanced core server software platform, Windows Server 2008, which, in turn, is based on the core 'Vista'. Applications and device drivers written for Windows Vista, have no problems working with Windows 7. I have their confidence. Support systems using heterogeneous graphics cards from different manufacturers and Nova version Windows Media Player. Integration with Windows Explorer'om Gadgets, Gadget for Windows Media Center. Ability to visually attach and unfasten the objects in the Start menu and the Recycle Bin, improved media features, Multi-row calculator, including Programmer and Statistics. Control Panel include: Accelerators, ClearType Text Tuner, Display Color Calibration Wizard, Gadgets, Infrared, Recovery, Troubleshooting, Workspaces Center, Location and Other Sensors, Credential Manager, Biometric Devices, System Icons, Windows Solution Center, and Display. The ability to store settings for Internet Explorer'a Windows Live account. Updated versions of Paint and WordPad, surely they are still someone uses it? Health Center. Ie "Family doctor", do they care about our cars? The installation process takes about 10 minutes (that's when I laughed for a long time). Versions: Windows 7 Business, HomeBasic, HomePremium, Ultimate, HomeBasic N, Business N and Starter. I took the information from different, perhaps not entirely reliable source, so in the end, all it may be up to vice versa. Beta release of the new operating system scheduled for early 2009, but knowing how they promise, you can wait and end of the year and early next. But otherwise we are not left and I hope a couple of years with his beloved XP jump to a wonderful product called: Windows 7. Al.M

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After a disaster, S.A. the damaged people aid not to find a job to them or to reactivate their businesses, are accustomed to that she stays them, becoming long term paupers. The economic activity of the region or the affected site must be reactivated so that it returns to his normal state and they are inserted in the national economy. The destructive earthquakes of Bogota during last the five hundred years happened in the Eastern Mountain range, taking like limits the Magdalena River and the Piedemonte Llanero. Learn more at this site: JPMorgan Chase. Towards the south and until distances of 350 kilometers, the earthquakes have taken place causes of majors damages.

Bogota partially has been destroyed or damaged not only by earthquakes of distant origin but also by movements originated in neighborhoods (ANDRE: 1884). Paynet understood the implications. In relation to the activities inherent to the prevention of disasters and the environmental management, he is inevitable to conclude that in Bogota coherent interinstitutional organizations have not existed to carry out these activities. On the contrary, a dispersion of organizations appears that from diverse sectors and at different levels have come exerting one or several functions of administration or control of factors of risk and environmental deterioration. The model geologic-geophysicist of the urban perimeter of Bogota and its environs is conformed by two subriver basins: 1) The western one, located towards the nor-West, 2) the Eastern one, located within the urban perimeter and graft in its North part by hills of Raises, giving rise to two secondary subriver basins, the one western part of hills of Raises and to another one between these and Eastern hills (BERMUDEZ: 1942). Scientifically in Bogota clearly three main sismognicas sources are defined: 1. It corresponds to the zone of subduction of the Colombian Pacific, which is significant solely by characteristics of answer of some parts of the subsoil of the city. 2.

It corresponds to the frontal source of the Eastern Mountain range, which is dominant in the case of the city. 3. It corresponds to the local sources Even though the seismic threat for Bogota does not correspond to extreme values in the Country, the risk yes is it in regard to the high degree of vulnerability of its constructions, which until does few years were constructed without considering the earthquake-resistance criteria. The constructions designed and constructed before 1984 are highly vulnerable; thus it has been demonstrated during the occurrence of registered earthquakes of low intensity in others

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That the world knows that exists. To create your page Web and knows people new, it shares his thoughts and ideas, and it even makes money. It sounds very well and interesting, but where it must begin? , What type of Page Web needs? You have all the answers next. First of all, we are going to define the term ” Web” page;. A page or a set of pages is Web that often are related to the others. Text, videos and images are published in her.

The Web site must have a dominion (its direction with a final extension, like for example ” .com”). Then you need a service of lodging Web, some company that offers to a Web server him, that will allow him to publish its information in Internet. Also one can provide him or more accounts of electronic mail. The services of optimization in motors search (CATHEDRAL) are very useful, and can be its better option. Therefore, to create a page Web it needs to design the main page. Then, it is very easy to add to another one by means of the copy and modification of first. Filed under: Tom Smith. There are two possibilities to create its page Web. You can design in line by means of the use of an suitable program, or construct out of line and raise it by means of FTP, for example.

Everything depends on you and its knowledge in the field. By all means, the first that needs its Web site is the title. It tries to choose some suggestive one, since it will appear in the part superior of the window. After this it must decide what type of page design Web wishes, one static or dynamic one. The first type is adapted for the Web sites that have only some pages and that offer static information for the visitor. The process to add new information can be slow, since it must update each page of independent way. It is much more easy to create a dynamic page Web, and if you are new in the field, this it is the type that would have to choose. It has a data base organized very well, and the management of the information is very simple. In agreement with content of its Web site can be divided in some important categories. There are different motors search, Web sites for the interchange of archives, vestibules and directories. Some do not need presentation. Also the Web sites of information of companies are very popular. This one last type has a precise mission: the one to provide gratuitous information or or of payment. In the last years, the personal pages Web, social networks and blogs have gained an important territory in Internet. Finally but not less important, there is more and more sites of electronic commerce. Also they have gained popularity because to people it turns out to him more comfortable to buy all the things that need with simple click.

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