Month: May 2012

the services not yet stop for there. The formation company also step the invitations, photos, videos, bands, the robes among others to rent item that the formandos desire to include in the commemoration. To move away from time & ldquo; blow of formatura& rdquo; , the commission must confer if the company has a proper photographic studio, with specialized professionals and equipment as professional cameras, photographic lenses, resulting in images of high quality. The equipment of filming also has that to be of quality and handled by specialist, so that no moment is lost. The registers of photos and images happen before exactly of the light meal of degree and the ball of formation. To show the marcantes moments in classroom and it are of the institution, the commission must inform the company on the dates and schedules from that the group will go to receive a prize for definitive work, where goes to be that different lesson, the barbecues that they costumam to make to tan more the group, the proper carried through events to collect money and the moments that the homaged professors, chosen for the group, are informed.

Details of the Closed party of formation everything with the formation company, arrives the moment to decide with the group colleagues which will be the subject of the party, the thematic decoration, if it goes to have or not buffet or docinhos, to choose the amused band, kits more parties that will be distributed, is many the details. Before leaving behind the trends of formations, it is legal to argue the subject that more combines with the style of the group, who is the face of the course. In the hour to make the photos for the invitation, for the girls maquiagem it is rule, therefore that it is applied for a professional maquiador of the team of the company. But the ideal clothes for the session of photos do not need to be the combination shirt + social pants. If the group to tan, of the one to make t-shirts or even to use the basic trio/necessary white shirt + jeans + All Star.

The same tip valley for the details of the formation party. Responsible of the Milenium the Formations it counts that the formandos always want new features, that are always looking for to make a better formation that of the passed group, but the unanimous order is free cork in the balls. & ldquo; Today she is in high in the formation balls the kit party more improved with longes, panel of led and tracks interativas& rdquo; , it says Leather strap. The kit party, with certainty, is a classic in any after-ball. It can add an accessory here, another one there, however they cannot lack to the adereos as colored pens, eyeglasses, hats, necktie, accessories of neon and for it goes there. Directed the subject of the group, the invitation, the place, the decoration, it only lacks to run behind clothes that will dress in the formation, to invite all familiar and the friends had folloied who and given you the biggest force during the long semesters of the college and to commemorate everything very what he passed and what will come. After all the formation marks the end of years of studies, new friends, many conquests and a start of a promising professional career.

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With the enormous easiness that the new technologies (mainly of the world of computer science) arrive until us even though, with the increasing use of the Internet for leisure ends, (specialists already affirm that today the Internet occupies the second position in the media canals, only losing for the television) the form of if to consume music comes changing e, if dumb the form of if consuming music, the producing market must also change the form of produziz and vender for if adjusting the requirements of this new public of consumers. With this change of consumption it had ' ' evitvel' ' fall of great recorders, many believe that this reason has been the piracy, but in my point of view the truth is another one, that the piracy has not given its contribution, but the great factor that influenced all this change was the convergence of medias. But what it is this? The convergence of medias nothing more is of what the change of habits of the music consumers, how many people mainly in this new generation possesss a device of sound in the room of its houses, or in its rooms? The truth is that the habits had moved and today the people hear music in the cellular one, when hears in the car in many cases does not make it more with CDs and yes with one pen drive. It is if losing the culture of the Vinyl where we bought an entire record, many times because of the only music. With this new and increasing demand the old fonogrfica industry was charged and had that to pay the price, but he is if recompondo and acting of different form of the past exactly for having enxergado this change that occurs in the entire world. Currently when we hear the radio we come across in them with new names in the musical scene going off hits that it has duration determined for the media, after all the world of music has that to turn, with this new musical producers also appear, here between us, never produced as much music in all the history of the fonogrfica production. With as many produced musics being and very short intervals of time it has of if doubting the quality technique and musical comedy in such a way of the composers, how much of the producers, this when we do not hear ' ' more than the same ' ' , yes because the new block-type musical styles that appear catch hitchhiking, that is, so that the business is income-producing must have a coherence enters the artists of the sort, after all all the black sheep dies solitary. It was clearly that the fonogrfico market also changed and the reason of this change, is now a tip for the new musical producers that desires if to firm in this area, vocs must know to enxergar through the eyes of the consumers, but at the same time they must give a new face to its productions so that it has a renewal in the musical scene, who knows you even though does not create a new musical style, or at least a new source to the style that is producing. A great one I hug and until the next one. Matheus Barros is musician, musical producer and CEO of the Wild Studio Musical Productions.

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